Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT Heart & Soul PointsGroup Session:  If you are curious as to what is involved, how simple EFT really is why not come along to an introduction workshops or talk where you can learn the process and experience EFT first hand for yourself. Check out this website to find out when next workshop/talk is being held or send me your details and I will keep you posted of upcoming events.


EFT is a lovely gentle technique that helps to release pain (physical, emotional and/or psychological), it can help with stress and it has many other health and wellness benefits.  It is a technique that is natural, pleasant, drug free, innovative and yet inexpensive. EFT provides permanent results and has a very high success rate.  It is gentle, safe, delivers lasting results and assists healing on all levels.  It is effective 90% of the time and sometimes the results are almost magical.

EFT involves the gentle tapping on various acupuncture points on the head and upper body using your fingertips. While you tap, you focus on your problem/issue/pain and repeat out loud (or silently if situation presents itself) relevant words, sentences or expressions.  The technique is simple and quick to do.  All you need to learn is the location of the points and how to use words that reflect what you are working on or towards.  The points can be "tapped" in around 1-3 minutes. The beauty of EFT is that it is a technique that you can take away with you and use in times of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, cravings, you need an energy boost or whenever the need arises.  It does not have to be negative issues as tapping on the positive aspects in our lives helps to encourage gratitude and abundance.

Studies have shown that the vast majority of diseases and physical pains can be linked to negative emotions.  A wound will not heal properly if it is infected.  Putting a plaster on your anger, fears and other emotions only masks them and these negative emotions do not go away on their own.  EFT is an option that will allow you to release these negative emotions that may be holding you to ransom or preventing you from living a happy life.  Instead of continually using up your energy resources to stuff down/ignore these negative emotions and hide away from them, why not seek to release them for good and allow your energy to be focused on the more important aspects of life with renewed energy and inner calmness.  

EFT was founded by Gary Craig in the US in the early 1990s.  Gary was so passionate about EFT that he offered a free manual on his website to everyone so they could use it for themselves.  EFT can be taught and learned from numerous online videos explaining the basic principles and basic steps.

I have trained in both Classical EFT (Gary Craig's original technique) and also Heart & Soul EFT (Created by Silvia Hartman).  I use Heart & Soul EFT (also known as Energy EFT) in my one to one sessions, group sessions and introductory workshops as I personally find it a more direct and simplier format to use and to learn.

Gary Craig's website: (Gary Craig is the founder of EFT and there is loads of information, sample sessions and videos on his website)

The Guild of Energists website: (Heart & Soul EFT created by Silvia Hartman)

Search YouTube and Google for EFT videos to tap along with.



Food Cravings/Emotional Weight Issues

Sel- Esteem/Confidence


Rage/Anger Management

Pain Relief/Management

Insomnia/Sleep Problems

Tension/Migraine Headaches


Increasing Energy Levels


If you have any questions, queries or general curiosity please do get in touch by email, text or phone, as always happy to discuss options and more details.  Initial free consultation (15 min phone call) can be arranged on request to discuss if EFT is something that may be of benefit to you.

One to One Session:  1 hour €75 (initial first session takes 1 hr 15 mins).  My practice is based in Malahide, County Dublin.

Training in EFT: Can be conducted as part of a scheduled event or often more on demand and great as an introduction to energy work.  On demand can organise group EFT sessions which are great way to experience EFT for yourself.  Provide introductory one day workshops where you can learn the many ways to use EFT, its many benefits and how to use for yourself and to share with family and friends.  If you have a group or member of an association, please get in touch as provide introductory talks on EFT, energywork, meditation and general wellness.

Qualifications in EFT: Completed and certified in EFT (AAMET) Level 1 (2012); EFT (AAMET) Level 2 (2012); Energy EFT (AMT) Master Practitioner (2013); Positive EFT Practitioner (AMT) (2014): Energist Trainer (AMT) (2014) and Energy in Motion (AMT) Master Practitioner (2016).