For many people, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and tired have become a normal way of life.  Living this way can lead to health problems such as headaches, digestive disorders, back and neck pain tension, sleeplessness, and so much more physical and emotional issues.  These types of issues often involve an unhealthy complex relationship between the mind, body and soul and as such are ideally suited for treatment with energy based bodywork and therapy. 

Negative energy blocks build up in our energy system when we seek to ignore, avoid or deny natural negative or bad emotions.  Emotions are the physical body's way of communicating with the mind and spirit.  Emotions are message from our body letting us know when things are in or out of balance with our physical health.  Emotions are just Energy In Motion (E-Motion) and is a natural flow of energy that passes through our physical body. All emotions we experience, whether they be positive or negative, are an energy source passing through.  We have no problem acknowledging and accepting the positive emotions but have been thought that negative emotions are somehow bad and need to be avoided, surpressed or ignored.  This avoidance, surpression and ignoring of negative emotions prevents a natural energy flow from moving through your body and thus creates a blockage and so develops an energy block.  In time energy blocks can create physical health issues which may begin as minor and over time can develop into more serious health conditions.  Energywork and therapy seeks to locate the negative energy block and allow it to continue its natural path through your body and to its natural recourse of release.

The body is an amazing being as it possess the ability to heal itself.  Energywork just creates a safe, sacred and relaxed space for you to give your body time to heal itself, return its own natural flow, bring balance back to its physical wellbeing and reconnecting the mind and spirit to allow you prosper and live a happier life.


Energywork and Energy Therapies cannot be used to diagnose, treat or heal disease.  They are not intended to replace traditional medical approaches but rather they can work to compliment and work with medical treatments.  An energy practitioner interprets the energy flow, treats the energy body and supports you in your own self-healing process.  You are the healer of your own body and an energy practitioner facilitates and creates a safe and comfortable environment for you and your body to remember how to heal; to reconnect and listen to your own authentic self; bring balance back to your energy body and allow you to remember how to trust and believe in yourself and your own intuition and instincts.