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If you have a group of 6 people or more and are interested in any of the workshops listed, why not get in touch to discuss possible options and I can organise a convenient venue, time and date that is adaptable for your group if required.


If the word meditation conjures up visions of a Buddhist monk sitting cross legged for hours then you have only considered one form of meditation. You will be surprised at how easy meditation can be to learn and how by creating a daily habit of spending 5-15 minutes a day how much you life will change and the health benefits you will give yourself.  Meditation has been proven in many studies to improve concentration, focus and motivation, increase energy levels, help improve sleep patterns, reduce stress and give you a more relaxed and calmer perspective on life.

Learn different types of meditation and discover which form of meditation will work best for you and your lifestyle.


This workshop is held over 8/10 weekly sessions.  Discover different types of meditation and see if you have a preference "variety is the spice of life". Some of the different formats explored in these sessions include, body scan, breathwork, chakra meditations, mindfulness, guided meditations, walking meditations among others.  You can pick and choose which workshops to attend or attend all to satisfy your curiosity (Discounted price if you attend all 8 /10 workshops).  Meditation has been proven to have great health benefits so why not discover it for yourself and sample different types to see what suits you and your lifestyle.


Guided meditation sessions with different themes and topics to be discovered such as Chakra Balancing, Healing Meditation, Themed Guided Meditation, Forgiveness Meditation, Stillness & Inner Peace Meditation, Angelic Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation and many others.  Details of theme, venue, date and time will be posted in advance.

Whether it is your first time to meditation or you are an experienced meditator everyone is welcome.  Lovely social, safe and comfortable space provided to experience meditation in a group setting and then tea/coffee with biscuits and chat to meet and learn from others of their meditation experiences or just share stories and meet like minded people.


Learn how you can work with and use colour in your everyday daily life.  This workshop is held as a one day introduction to colour therapy and also as a 8/10 week course which goes into more detail and each week a different colour is focused upon to give you an understanding of how each colour works. At each class we will look at the various ways colour can be used such as meditation, chakra connections, the colour of the foods you choose, the colours you wear, the colours that surround you, different colour presonalities, what your favourite and least favourite colours not only say about you but what they could mean healthwise for you and so much more to discover about the power of colour and how it effects us.

The first introduction class will give an overview and brief understanding of different colours and how colour can impact on your health, well being, moods and emotions.  If you wish to know more and delve deeper into each colour there will be seven more classes dedicated to a particular colour each week.  During each class you will learn and use techniques such as meditation, energywork and EFT (tapping) to enhance your experience with colours.